Dinosaur replica in Drumheller Alberta Canada
Dinosaur replica in Drumheller Alberta Canada

22 Best Dinosaur Parks Worldwide, You Should Add To Your Bucketlist

There are so many Dinosaur parks for kids in the world. From theme parks like the famous dinosaur world chain with Jurassic park-themed roller coasters to prehistoric zoos with realistic life-like dinosaur sculptures… if your kids love dinosaur you must already be familiar with some of them. But GoWhee’s promise is to help you discover the world as a family, with authenticity. So with the recommendations from our community of traveling parents, we created this list of dinosaur parks, with real tracks, fossils and educative materials, from all around the world. And If you are planning the ultimate vacation and are trying to find a really cool theme parks for Dino-loving kids, check our list of under-the-radar theme parks at the end of this article.

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Here are the best Dinosaur parks, roadside attractions, and where you can find reel fossils and foot prints displays in the world, selected by traveling parents like you!

A Jurassic Road Trip through the US and Canada Parks

Great for families visiting North-America and wanting to see real tracks and fossils in an educative and natural park setting.

1. Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta, Canada

The Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta is one of the most recognized dinosaur themed natural park in North America. It offers multiple trails with “out of this world” landscapes, a nice 3 km scenic route that you can either walk or drive. You can choose to go on your own fossil and prints hunt, or take one of their tours adapted for kids with a guide. This park also has a visitor center with indoor exhibits and hands on activities if weather is not great. 

Info: Adult $4, free for 3 and under. They offer tours for all ages so even little ones can experience digging. The museum/visitor center in the state park and some of the trails are wheelchair and stroller accessible. Food can be found nearby in a small concession. 

Good to Know: Our members recommend to plan for a couple of days to visit the area and include their affiliated museum, the Tyrrell museum as well as the town of Drumheller located about 2hrs drive north, nicknamed the Dinosaur capital of the world.


2. Dinosaur State Park, Rocky Hill, Connecticut, United States

The park offers over two miles of kid-friendly trails allowing kids to discover up-close over 750 foot prints. At the Exhibit Center, you can see one of North America’s largest real dinosaur tracks, dioramas, other fossil collections, and interactive exhibits, like their cast mining activities which lets you cast the footprints to take home (make sure to come with their specific list of ingredients). There is also a fun dig for younger kids.

Info for families: Adults (13+) are $6  and Children (5 and under) are Free. The trails are open daily, year-round, weather permitting but some activities like the dig is seasonal. There is nowhere to buy food at the park so come prepared.

Insider Tips: Our community recommends you to enjoy their geocache game onsite since it is a great way to make learning all the historical facts playful. Just download the geocaching app before your visit.

Make Your Dino-Themed Trip Even More Fun

Go all out and get special themed snacks,a fossil dig kit like this one, and dress to impress with your favorite dinosaur-themed outfit.

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4. Dinosaur Valley State Park, Texas, United States

Discover dinosaur tracks in the bed of the Paluxy River while riding a horse. This is a unique experience where the Eagle Eye Ranch partners with the state park to guide you through the trails while horse back riding. Families can also camp, swim, fish, and paddle in the river on their own through the 20 miles of trails, as well as explore the Dino footprints.

Info for families: Adults are $8 for the day and children 12 and under are FREE. If you choose to ride on a horse on the trails, they offer services for kids age 3+, prices start at $30.

Inside tips: Contact the park for trails status and dinosaur track visibility before your trip since the dinosaur tracks in the riverbed are not always visible.  If you go on your own, make sure to download their pre-loaded map before the visit so you can easily find the prints with your map app.

5. Oregon’s John Day Fossil Beds, in Oregon, USA

The Oregon’s John Day Fossil Beds National Monument offers 14,000 acres of outdoor adventures through beautiful landscapes and an indoor experience with the Thomas Condon Visitor. This center, unparalleled in its collection, showcases over 500 captivating fossil specimens of dinosaurs and other kinds and one-of-a-kind murals that narrate the 50 million years of natural history. Kids can observe scientists in action through special viewing windows, take part in the ranger program, and hike the trail of fossils in the Clarno Unit.

Info for families: Then entry to both the center and park is FREE. The visitor center is accessible with wheelchairs to borrow onsite. It offers hands-on exhibits for little ones.

Insider tips: In the park, the journey between the monument’s three distinct units is a pretty long 1-2hrs drive, so to cover the whole park it is recommended to stay overnight. There is not much to stop in between and cell reception is spotty so plan accordingly.

6. Dinosaur Ridge, Colorado, USA

Dinosaur Ridge is often celebrated as America’s #1 dinosaur track site because not only it showcases over 300 dinosaur tracks, but it is the discovery site for the world’s first Stegosaurus fossil and also a place where kids can see a whole set of triceratops tracks up close on a 1.5-mile dedicated trail.

Info for families: Their Morrison Dino Pass starts at $20 for kids and includes admissions to the ridge with bus tours and self-guided tour options available, as well as the Morrison Natural History Museum.

Insider tips: The trails around the park are not shaded and water is not available so make sure you come prepared. Our community recommends to stop by the discovery center and enjoy their dig area as well as their 24-foot-long track-way made by a duck-billed dinosaur.

7. Blue Beach, Nova Scotia, Canada

Blue Beach site is a world-renowned fossil site amongst experts, because it marks the birthplace of vertebrate paleontology in Canada. Kids can find fossils and traces of life before dinosaurs, tracing back 350 million years ago. You can enjoy a self guided visit of the beach or head over to the Blue Beach Museum to enjoy their tours with expert fossil interpreters. It is the opportunity to touche and get up close to real fossils since the museum is completely ran by a private collector.

Information for families: Tours and beach access are FREE, although a donation is recommended. Outhouse available onsite but no other facilities. Wheelchairs and strollers will have difficult access on the beach.

Insider tips: Bring mud shoes since the beach is all rock and shells it will get uncomfortable barefoot. It can also be pretty sunny without protection and no facilities nearby so come prepared.


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Other Dinosaur Parks in Europe and UK With Fossils and Prints

Ideal for families visiting the European continent in search for historical digs and naturally preserved fossils and dinosaurs prints.

8. Dinoplagne, Plagne, France

Dinoplagne offers a 2-hour journey back in time at this unique site, hosting the world’s longest dinosaur track. The protected site, dating back 150 million years, delves into various themes like biodiversity, the Jurassic era, and continental evolution… Witness footprints outside the canopy or take on a treasure hunt to discover a mystery dinosaur. Finish the visit by enjoying the beautiful open-air play area for younger kids, and for teens, the center offers a cool virtual reality experience (for 9+ years old) about the area of Plagne at the time.

Info for families: Tickets start at 14 euros for adults, free for 0-4 years old. Wheelchair accessibility is not available on the entire site, strollers are allowed and can maneuver the paths but incline can be steep in some parts. The site doesn’t offer bathrooms on the trails but has some in the center. The center also offers food only during the summer season, so come prepared off-season. 

Insider tips: Our community recommends booking ahead on their site to get the reserved ticket discount and making sure to check their calendar since different seasons mean different types of visits. In the fall, for instance, self-guided visits are not offered so you will have to book the guided one.

9. Isle of Skye, Scottland, U.K

The Isle of Skye has many spots where you can discover dinosaurs’ footprints in their natural habitat. One of the most recent discoveries happened in Brothers’ Point few miles south of Staffin, in 2020. It does involve taking on the 1.5 miles or 2.5 km walking journey to find the prints but if you need something more accessible, head over the An Corran Beach near Staffin, where the prints are close to the ramp.
Another great area to check out is the Score Bay near the Duntulm Castle. 

Info for families: FREE access, small parking available, and need to visit at low tide. No food or bathroom on site so come prepared. The museum is open from April to October only.

Insider tips: For An Corran Beach, contact the Staffin Museum for information about weather conditions that may prevent you from seeing the prints. The museum is held by a passionate owner collecting fossils for decades in the region. Prints are typically only visible at low tide so plan accordingly, this will most likely turn into an hour-long scavenger hunt since they are not always obvious to spot.

10. Path of the Dinosaurs of Enciso, La Rioja, Spain

Enciso, a northern Spanish village surrounded by more than 130 sites (and 11,000 dinosaur footprints from 120 million years ago). It is the perfect start to a kid-friendly trail called the path of the dinosaurs. During the walk, you will find some replicas and playground areas to keep kids engaged. It is a great way to discover evidence of dinosaur swimming patterns, and even signs of a prehistoric battle. Once the visit is done you can head over the visitor center which offers information about trail in both English and Spanish.

Info for families: The deposits access are completely FREE. There are no water, no shade and no bathrooms onsite so come prepared. The overall distance in the trail is over 6Km and takes 2-3 hours in average with kids. The path is graveled and maybe difficult for wheelchair users.

Insider tips: Our members recommends to start early to beat the heat and end with the center (which takes about 30 min to visit). You can also choose to drive-hop in each deposits using google map but the GPS may act up on the way back so map out ahead

11.Serras de Aire e Candeeiros Natural Park, North Portugal

Just an hour and a half drive from Lisbon, you’ll find one of the world’s longest sets of dinosaur tracks, preserved in limestone. The site, which was once a quarry, now features a 147-meter-long track and an educational trail with large sauropod statues, which helps visualizing the size of the ancient creatures. Kids can also see life size replicas onsite.

Info for families: Tickets are 4 euros for adults. It takes about 1-2 hr for the 2.5 km walking loop. The visitor center offers English subtitles for the film. It is not accessible for wheelchair users and strollers and you need to bring food and water with you.

Insider tips: Avoid it on hot days since they are no shade. It is recommended to watch the movie in the center before the site visit.

Dinosaur vacation rain or shine

Rainy Day? No Problem, head over to this list of the best natural history museums some with indoor fossil digs and life-size dinosaurs to make a backup plan.

Notable Dinosaur Parks in Australia and Asia

Great for families visiting the pacific region looking for educative and natural elements from prehistoric and Jurassic era.

12. Dinosaur Stampede National Monument, Winton, Australia

This list of the best dinosaur parks couldn’t be complete with the only known dinosaur stampede on the planet. Kids can see the impressive collection of Over 3,300 dinosaur footprints scattered over the rock face and learn the history of the disappearance and recovery of said footprints.

Info for families: Tickets to visit the national monument starts at $30 per adult and there are discounted family pass available. Park is fully wheelchair and stroller accessible. There are inclusive of all families including the LGBTQ+ community with gender-neutral bathrooms.

Insider Tips: The monument has a guided tour only (45 min) but the Lark Quarry Conservation Park is open from 8.30 am to 5 pm and is self-guided.

13. Phu Faek Forest Park, Kalasin province, Thailand

 This whole Thai province has a dinosaur theme but the main highlight is the set of oversized dinosaur footsteps, believed to belong to a carnivorous dinosaur approximately 2 meters tall and 5 meters long. You can find them in heart of the Phu Faek Forest. The stoned path is an easy 300 meter walk, great for little legs and first time hikers.  After the walk you can extend your visit about 1hr drive west to the Sirindhorn Dinosaur Museum which hosts an excavation site and a full jurassic museum.

Info for families: The park entrance  is FREE. Bathrooms and often food stalls are onsite but not guaranteed since it is not an official visitor center. Make sure to look at the seasonal calendar since the area is prone to flash floods, local parents don’t recommend visiting in raining season.

Inside tips: All the signs in the park are in Thai and there are no cell reception in the forest, so download a translator app like google lens prior the visit.

Ideas for older kids and teens

For older kids and teens, make it more engaging by watching the classic Jurassic Park movie before going, and make sure to visit one of the theme parks recommended below since they have some thrill rides for teens.

Fun Dinosaur Themed Parks With Rides Or Replicas

Perfect for families wanting to have fun on the dinosaur themed rides, see replicas and entertain little ones with small locally ran parks.

14. Jurapark, Krasiejow, Poland,

This park is an educational and entertaining destination all at once. It features over 200 life-sized models of dinosaurs, reptiles, and extinct animals, and is designed based on the latest paleontological knowledge and discoveries to keep things as realistic as possible. Visitors can explore the Prehistoric Oceanarium, which showcases marine reptiles in their natural size, as well as the Science and Evolution Park to learn about the evolution of men. There are attractions suitable for all ages including roller coasters, time travel tunnels, and 5D cinemas.

Info for families: Park tickets start at PLN 99, and various discounts are available. Onsite campsites and accommodations are also onsite.

Insider Tip: Parents recommend going in the summer since you can enjoy the beach area with your ticket, which features additional rides, food options, and lifeguard services. Also good to know, the park has a special offer for kids’ birthdays (ages 3-16) with tickets for 1 PLN.


15. Ogden’s George S Eccles Dinosaur Park, Utah, United States

With more than one hundred dinosaur sculptures, this place will make any dinosaur statue parks fan happy. Each sculpture is very realistic, full-sized, and is based on actual dinosaur skeletons. These artfully made creatures come alive with robotics and a state-of-the-art sound system.

Info for families: Adults $7, Children (2-12) $5

Insider Tip: The ticket gives you access to two other museums onsite. They are The Stewart Museum of Paleontology and The Ogden Museum of natural history.

16. Scenic World in Katoomba, Australia

 This sustainable park offers an immersive experience in a lush rainforest setting, with a jungle-like walkway and a dinosaur valley with tons of dinosaur replicas and real plants from the Jurassic era. Families can explore the park’s UNESCO-protected surroundings, ride on Australia’s first cable car between giant cliffs via the scenic skyway and try out the steepest passenger train in the world.

Info for families: The pass is priced at $59 for adults and around $34 for kids it includes unlimited rides and all their activities so plan at least half a day there. They have a detailed accessibility information sheet on their site. Baby change facilities are available in both the male and female bathrooms, but there are no toilets in the Dinosaur Valley part of the park so come prepared.

Insider tip: Arrive before 10 am to avoid crowds and purchase tickets online in advance to prevent having to come back in the afternoon.

17. Dinopolis, Truel, Spain

Dinopolis is a series of educative parks and museums across Spain, all centered around the dinosaur theme. The location in Truel features the largest museum, with real footprints, and themed rides for kids of all ages. Visitors can enjoy thematic tours, a museum, simulators, a 3D cinema, and shows.

Info: The average visitation time is approximately 6.5 hours, with prices ranging from 20 to 33 euros. The food is underwhelming, and there is no water available on site; outside food is not permitted, so plan to include their meal in the budget. The park is mostly wheelchair accessible.

Insider Tip: It’s best to go early as waiting times can be long in the afternoon. Parents advise against upgrading to other locations since they are pretty far from each other. The one in Truel is the only one with rides. And just a heads up, some rides might be a little scary for younger kids.

18. Roarr, Norwich, United Kingdom

With 85 acres of fun, Roarr is the largest dinos-themed park in the UK. It offers tons of rides, outdoor and indoor play areas, a splash park, a theater, places to eat, and even a secret animal garden. It is also open all year long with events and special holiday exhibits.

Info: Tickets start at 19 pounds/adults, and they offer annual passes and discounts for second visits – Roarr has a whole program for all abilities, including a special bracelet for assistance at rides, a quiet room to help overstimulated kids, and a play space for sensory seekers.

Insider Tip: The park has an environment-conscious pledge, including solar energy-run buildings, no single-use plastic policy, and even a pollinator-friendly landscape

19. Dino Experience Park, Gouda, Netherlands

Kids can walk around and explore this huge park while learning through play about dinosaurs. There is even a Dino adventure mini-golf course and a playground to let their energy out.

Info: Wheelchair accessible – stroller-friendly – restaurant onsite – outdoor seating.

Insider Tip: This park is best for younger kids. They will love the huge playground area

20. The Münchehagen, Rechburg, Germany

The Münchehagen open air museum prides to showcase over 300 life-like, accurately sized dinosaur replicas. Kids can see what famous dinosaurs like Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Brachiosaurus, and of course, the Tyrannosaurus rex looked like. The park is beautifully laid out with a long circular path split into different eras.

Info: Adult tickets are 15 Euros – Dogs are permitted on leash – There is a restaurant onsite – The park is only open during the spring/summer/fall season.

Insider Tip: Thanks to their partnership with the local university and research center, the park offers also the National Geotope ” Dinosaur Tracks” with over 300 real fossilized dinosaur tracks.

21. Prehisto Dino, LACAVE, France

Prehisto Dino Parc is built around the evolution of species, from the dawn of the Earth to the Neolithic era. Walk through a natural prehistoric forest and follow a trail punctuated by 150 life-size representations with sounds and movement.

Info: It takes about 1hr to 2hr (with cave) to visit the dinosaur theme park – Tickets start at $8/ adult and are free under 5 years old. – Dogs are allowed on site with a leash.

Insider Tip: The park offers a push for the Neolithic experience further, thanks to its real cave visits and reconstructed Neolithic village.

22. Xploria, Le Mas-d’Azil, France

Exploria is one of those amazing dinosaur fossil parks, buried in nature with tons of activities to keep little hands busy. If you are looking for digging sites with shade and want to learn about the local biodiversity, this prehistoric forest is the one to go.

Info: Tickets start at $10/adult and $8/kids. – Only open in season. – Great shaded picnic tables available – Composting Bathroom on-site.

Insider Tip: This is a great spot for younger kids since they have a shaded playground and a fully stroller-accessible path throughout.

Prehistoric Roadside Attractions To Add To Your Dinosaur Parks Trip

Dinausaure Mini Golf -Raptor Falls
1912 Portland Rd, Arundel, ME 04046, USA

Dinausaur Trail Playground with the world’s largest dinosaur replica.
1381 N Dinosaur Trail, Drumheller, AB T0J 0Y1, Canada

Dinosaur Museum
8973 US-16, Rapid City, SD 57702, USA

Dinosaur Park Playground
41 Altezze Dr, Truganina VIC 3029, Australia

Cabazon Dinosaurs – World’s Biggest Dinosaurs
50770 Seminole Dr, Cabazon, CA 92230

Plage aux ptérosaures – Beach with exclavation site visit
Mas de Pegourdy, 46150 Crayssac, France

Dinosaur Park, Kalasin, Thailand – Cool photo-op
MG78+MWH, Ni Khom, Sahatsakhan District, Kalasin 46140, Thailand

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