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A Modern Take On Travel Insurance For Families

When planning a trip with kids, parents have to juggle many things. From creating the perfect itinerary to making sure to stay on budget, to finding a hotel or vacation home that can host everybody’s needs.

No wonder that we often get overwhelmed and don’t even look into travel insurance.  Most of us rely on credit card travel insurance plans or automatically think that our medical insurance coverage will take care of all family members during the trip.

Myths of Credit Cards and Traditional Travel Insurance Policies

To make it “easy”, many credit cards offer a travel insurance option. Although this offers some coverage, it often doesn’t cover all aspects of the trip or even the most important ones. This type of policy coverage is often quite limited, so make sure to read all the fine print in your travel insurance policy.

Here are the real costs of relying solely on travel insurance plans included with many credit card policies.

  • You may have to pay extra for refundable rates. With refundable rates averaging 4 times more than regular rates, and some travel insurance plans not including trip cancellations in their coverage, this could mean that your family is still paying extra for refundable tickets.
  • Traditional travel insurance companies may not cover the loss and breakage of your belongings during the trip. Make sure you check the fine print and that your stroller and car seat are within the benefits of the plan. 
  • According to our community of parents, the number one concern during family travel is being covered if a medical incident occurs. Kids can get hurt and someone always seems to get sick when we travel as a family. So make sure the whole family is covered by your family travel insurance or medical insurance, including during international travel.


For peace of mind, when planning your next family trip, we recommend contracting a temporary family travel insurance coverage to take care of all the items above. GoWhee partnered with Faye, a modern travel insurance company, with app-based digital whole-trip insurance, that understands that parents are busy and that we don’t have time to spend hours looking through hundreds of lines of coverage to see if our baby gear will be covered.

Faye provides more than a traditional insurance policy; their interactive app provides a concierge-like service, from weather updates to flight cancellation assistance and alerts. We particularly love their “person-first” policy, with real people we can talk to 24/7 via their app, phone, or email if something arises.

To get to know this fabulous brand in the travel insurance space, we asked their team some important questions to consider when traveling with kids.

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How is Faye different from my Credit Card coverage? 

No matter what travel insurance plan you choose, whether it be just credit card coverage or taking out a travel insurance policy separately, you should make sure you know what you’re getting. 

Is emergency medical covered? And how about lost bags, flight delays, or missed connections? 

You need to understand what travel coverage your credit card offers – yes we mean the fine print – and being able to compare that to the travel insurance policy you might be considering is crucial. 

Not all credit cards or travel insurance providers are created equal. For example, if you or a family member have a pre-existing medical condition, it’s super important to know if you’re covered when away from home. 

Emergency medical expenses and emergency medical evacuation are two things that are rarely covered by credit card plans. Some do cover inconveniences like lost baggage or roadside assistance, but it’s secondary coverage meaning if the airlines will cover it they’re off the hook.

Faye can cover your trip, your health, and stuff, and offers 24/7 customer support – which you likely won’t get with your credit card travel coverage option. You can add supplementary coverage for things like vacation rental protection, adventure sports coverage, car rental care, and pet care and cancel for any reason if you need it. 

What does a family travel insurance policy look like with Faye?  

Faye provides whole-trip travel coverage and care that brings out the best in each journey with industry-leading technology that enables smarter, faster assistance and claims resolutions. 

Their robust travel insurance can cover your health, your trip, and your stuff, for domestic and international trips – including cruises. 

With the Faye app available after enrollment, you’ll get access to global assistance with their customer experience team 24/7 (real humans!), real-time travel alerts, an easy-to-file claims process, and quick reimbursements. 

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Can Faye help me if my flight is canceled or delayed?


Yes, Faye can help if your flight is canceled or delayed in an array of ways. Their support team is available around the clock (including weekends and holidays) and can assist even if you need help with finding new flight routes, contacting the airline, and more. 

In addition, if your flight is delayed more than 6 hours or it’s canceled, you can contact their support team with documentation of what’s going on so they can provide compensation for eligible claims ASAP

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How does it work if I initiate a trip cancellation?  Does your travel insurance plan cover non-refundable rates?

Yes. If your plan includes trip cancellation coverage and you need to cancel your trip for covered reasons, including if you get sick, contract COVID-19, or a travel provider goes bankrupt, Faye can cover up to 100% of non-refundable trip costs like flights, hotel bookings, tickets & activities, and quarantine accommodation, up to your total estimated trip cost.

Does Faye cover medical emergencies during my family vacation?

Faye can cover emergency medical expenses on both international and domestic trips. 

Specifically, if you are traveling internationally and experience sudden illness or injury in-trip, including COVID-19, Faye can cover up to $250K (primary) in prescription drugs, hospitalization, and physician costs. In addition, when traveling abroad, you have access to a telemedicine network of 20K medical professionals in 21 languages and counting, all via the Faye app – and the first meeting will be taken care of by Faye.

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Are strollers and car seat theft/breakage covered by Faye? 

Your strollers and car seats are safe with Faye. Your personal belongings, like strollers and car seats can be covered for up to $150 per item. 

Note that coverage varies per state, so if you’re a resident of New York, for example, you can be covered for up to $500 per item, and usually Faye can reimburse you up to $2K for lost, stolen, or damaged luggage, including clothing and personal items. . It’s important to note that Faye cannot cover theft when items are left in any unlocked or unattended vehicle.

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How hard is it to get coverage with Faye’s family travel insurance? 

All you need to do is answer a few simple questions about yourself, who you’re traveling with, and some trip details on Faye’s website or via the Faye app on iOS or Android, and you can get covered in as little as 60 seconds.

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*The information in this article is intended for informational purposes only and does not encompass all the terms, conditions, and exclusions of the travel insurance coverage. Certain coverages may not be available in your state. It is recommended to thoroughly review the policy before making a purchase.

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