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places for family fun yet?

Gowhee is the only global travel app with unique and fun recommendations for all ages to help you spend some quality time as a family!

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“The GoWhee app offers a chance for working parents to have better work life balance”
– As seen in CBS

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Take The GoWhee Challenge!

What if you could create long lasting memories for your kids while supporting your local community?
We challenge you to take a few hours a week and discover one new and unique place near you.
Go have fun, together as a family, to learn, play, hike, eat, camp
Will you join us and other families in the GoWhee challenge?
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Before GoWhee app, I either stumbled upon a location, or used Google Map to find some family fun near me. There were some hits-or-misses and some places were better than others. With GoWhee App, {..} it’s almost like asking my best friend to recommend things she’s loved doing with her kids during a recent trip. Those activities are the best!

Questions Answered From Parents Like You!

GoWhee answers things like:

Is there a changing table onsite?

Is the playground fully enclosed?

Does the hotel offer a room layout that allows for privacy?

Is the hiking trail shaded?

Is it stroller friendly?

And many more questions answered, all in a few seconds, with our unique filters.

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More Than Another Travel App... A Mission

CEO Maud Maciak's family
Maud and her family in Europe

From the founder.

“Together we can change the travel industry to be more inclusive for families and teach our children to make a positive impact with travel! I used to book mainstream hotels, target the advertised “family friendly” places, because the travel industry told me that this was the only way I could relax. But not anymore!  I can now experience the local culture, know that places I go to are safe and welcoming of my whole family… it changed the way I travel with my child and you can too! ”

Maud Maciak, Traveling Mom


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Top industry secrets for family travel e-book
The airspace is usually less crowded in the morning...
With this app you can search barrier-free routes. .. if you’re traveling with a stroller or wheelchair, you won’t get stuck bumping down three flights of steps to catch a train.
If you travel to the U.S., there is a growing list of airports offering "sensory rooms"...


What is GoWhee App?

GoWhee is a crowd-sourced app, where parents can find and share places they have tried while going out with kids.

What makes you different from Google Maps, TripAdvisor, Yelp...?

The short answer is:
These free platforms are not designed for parents. 

GoWhee offers more than 30 filters designed for families, like changing tables, stroller-friendly, a fully enclosed playground...

When your potty training kiddo needs a bathroom on the fly... google Map and the parents' group will not help you much, unfortunately.

How much is it?

GoWhee has a FREE trial

After that, it is $4.99/Month to access all the features.
(Get 50% off with your yearly membership)

Don't forget that your membership comes with amazing deals!

How many locations do you have in the app?

New places are added daily, so it is hard to say. 

We have thousands of locations as of 2022.

What countries are covered?

New locations pop up in new countries regularly so keeping up with an exact list is tough! 

But here are some areas that have a great amount of locations:

Costa Rica
New Zealand

And more...

Is it only for people who travel abroad?

Not at all! 

GoWhee helps you find fun places for kids everywhere

This means you can use the app when you want to go out with them on the weekend, when you plan a short getaway, or even if you run out of ideas in your town 😉

How do I add a place in the app?

The whole process takes 12 seconds! 

We timed it, HA!

  1. Just click on the Geolocation  button to capture the address:

    screenshot of the address field with geolocation button to add a kid friendly place

  2. Enter the main info and add your pictures
    Screen Shot of the adding process - information

  3. Choose the amenities

    And your place is LIVE!

Latest curated and verified locations for adults and children worldwide in GoWhee app

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