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A travel app, crowd-sourced with parents in mind!

Discover fun family-friendly experiences around the world or in your home town, with verified amenities by GoWhee families, to keep kids busy and parents happy.

Search For Family Vacations Curated To YOUR Kind Of Fun!

GoWhee’s travel guides are available to the public and help you plan family outings with a focus on your travel style and preferences or destinations.

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Our primary focus is on promoting small, local, inclusive, and environmentally responsible businesses, allowing you to use your tourism $ positively while having fun with your kids…

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“The GoWhee app offers a chance for working parents to have better work life balance”
– As seen in CBS

What Makes GoWhee Different?

For Parents, By Parents: The Travel App That Gets What You Need!

Locations Worldwide

So you can find fun things to do with kids near you or when you plan a trip abroad. This way you get local families insider tips, no matter where you come from or where you going.

Crowdsourced Information

The power of community means you get information directly from the other members, real reviews from parents, and a kid-friendly score rated by families themselves.

Data Safety

Thanks to our small membership, we never have to sale your data to third parties, like free platforms and social medias!
 This also keeps a lot of spam content at bay and our community engaged.


What is GoWhee App?

GoWhee is a crowd-sourced app, where parents can find and share places they have tried while going out with kids.

What makes you different from Google Maps, TripAdvisor, Yelp...?

The short answer is:
These free platforms are not designed for parents. 

GoWhee offers more than 30 filters designed for families, like changing tables, stroller-friendly, a fully enclosed playground…

When your potty training kiddo needs a bathroom on the fly… google Map and the parents’ group will not help you much, unfortunately.

How much is it?

GoWhee has a FREE trial

After that, it is $4.99/Month to access all the features.
(Get 50% off with your yearly membership)

Don’t forget that your membership comes with amazing deals!

How many locations do you have in the app?

New places are added daily, so it is hard to say. 

We have thousands of locations as of 2022.

What countries are covered?

New locations pop up in new countries regularly so keeping up with an exact list is tough! 

But here are some areas that have a great amount of locations:

Costa Rica
New Zealand

And more…

Is it only for people who travel abroad?

Not at all! 

GoWhee helps you find fun places for kids everywhere

This means you can use the app when you want to go out with them on the weekend, when you plan a short getaway, or even if you run out of ideas in your town 😉

How do I add a place in the app?

The whole process takes 12 seconds! 

We timed it, HA!

  1. Just click on the Geolocation  button to capture the address:

    screenshot of the address field with geolocation button to add a kid friendly place

  2. Enter the main info and add your pictures
    Screen Shot of the adding process - information

  3. Choose the amenities

    And your place is LIVE!

The Family Travel Playbook

All the insider’s tips the travel industry doesn’t want you to know, to spend less money, pack better, stay safe, keep kids happy, reduce stress and more... so you can enjoy your vacation too!

GoWhee 2.0 Coming Soon

After 3 years, bootstrapping the only global travel app designed for families, we are excited to announce that the new GoWhee is coming soon!

You will discover:
Hundreds of thousands new locations worldwide
New and improved features
A fun and modern design

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“All the insiders’ tips the travel industry doesn’t want you to know!”

"Have you ever heard of unpublished hotel rates? Unpublished hotel rates are rates you can't find easily when searching Google..."

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