Find Locations Worldwide

With an interactive world map you can easily browse kid-friendly locations with a few taps on your phone, with new locations added daily.

Find GoWhee locations in:

U.S.A, England, France, Germany, Netherlands, 
Japan, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand and more…

Large iphone with the map of the Gowhee app. The map shows many kid-friendly locations and is set on the northern part of the U.S East coast.
Two phones in the pictures. One phone has the full detail page of a playground. It shows the pictures of the playground, a rating of five stars and a review form a user. There is a direction button ad an edit button underneath, follow by filters like wifi and parking near by. The second phone shows a list of icons, a map with the marker for the location and a frame containing the website, the phone number and the address of the playground.

With the Details You Need

Find everything you need to know about a location you are visiting or traveling to, all on the app. Browse photos, reviews, contact information, and get directions all from one place.

Easily Share Locations

Locations around the world that can be found on the app complete with categories and amenities parents need, can be now shared easily from the app.

Two phones presents the adding process of the gowhee app. The first phone shows all the category that the gowhee app offers (i.e accomodations, restaurant, aquarium...). The second phone shows the next step of the adding process with the address field, the picture selection and a age range bar.
Two phones show the saving locations in the user's favorite list function. The first phone shows a preview of the list creation process to add favorites in folders. The second phone shows three kid-fiendly locations in the folder called Wahsington DC.

Stay Organized & Save Time

Whether you are thinking of taking a vacation or just want to find a new place to visit, our app makes it easy to save locations and create custom lists to keep you organized and save you time.