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A Family Travel App Designed For Parents

Our Commitment To Families Everywhere

number 1How does GoWhee select its recommendations?

GoWhee is dedicated to providing the most authentic and reliable travel recommendations for families. Our primary source of information comes from peer-to-peer parent reviews within our community. This includes insights from parents who have visited the locations themselves, as well as those who live locally and have intimate knowledge of the area. This approach ensures that our recommendations are grounded in real experiences and tailored to meet the needs of traveling families.

number 2Who is in the GoWhee Community?

GoWhee leverages a diverse range of sources to curate its travel recommendations. This includes our own crowdsourced GoWhee app, where members share their personal stories and tips. Our staff (made out of traveling parents) also contribute with their experiences, and our travel ambassadors (traveling professionals), are spread across various locations worldwide.
We also actively engage with different social media communities, enhancing the depth and authenticity of our recommendations.

number 3What is your Family Positive Travel Pledge about?

Central to our mission is the Family Positive Travel Pledge. GoWhee is committed to highlighting, in priority, small and local businesses. We believe in supporting companies that are integral to their local economies and those that exhibit a strong commitment to inclusivity and eco-friendly practices. By focusing on these businesses, we aim to promote sustainable and responsible travel that benefits both our users and the communities they visit.

Our commitment is to provide the best, most trustworthy travel recommendations for families, always keeping their interests at heart.

CEO Maud Maciak's family
Maud, her husband and son

Our Company Origin Story

GoWhee was born in 2019 out of a need that a traveling mom faced personally. During a trip to Europe with their toddler, Maud, and her husband realized that they were wasting hours every day on google map and trip advisor just to get ideas on where to go to keep their 3 years old busy.

But what was worst! They always found the same places being promoted to families on these free platforms. They were tired to rely on the overrated, touristic, “kid-friendly” spots, and wanted to immerse in the local culture. Yet, they needed to know about the necessary amenities to keep their little one entertained and happy.

So right there in the back of their van, they started to create the first global travel app specifically designed for parents and their kids!

Fun Fact: GoWhee’s name was inspired by their 3yo son, asking to “go wheee” constantly, to express how happy he was going to the local playgrounds, going down the slide.

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Since GoWhee is designed specially for you (parents), we can go crazy on the details … you know, the ones that matter!

And many more questions answered. Best Part! You find all these details within seconds, thanks to our 30+ filters system!