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Hi, I am Maud, the founder and CEO of the Gowhee App. Every week, I share the latest finding about family travel.

Why? Because I have a passion to help parents reconnect with their kids, away from screens, busy schedules and stress of daily routine.

As a French expat, I grew up with work/life balance being in front and center, but as a working mom, I know first hand how hard it is to keep it all together, to organize weekends filled with fun for all etc…

Do you want to know how I managed to

✔️Create a great work/life balance, to spend more time as a family, doing things we like.

✔️ Organize my family’s travels in a more meaningful way

✔️ Manage to enjoy my vacations, by finding some adult time, yet have fun with my son

Then join the GowheeNews, as I share all my secrets with you.

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