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Let's Change The Travel Industry Together!

When you are joining the Gowhee Team, you are helping us achieve our mission.
Create an app to support ALL families in their travel journey. 
At Gowhee we help you grow your influencing business. We believe in working with a dedicated team and we value our ambassadors as our traveling family!

Is it for you? Here are the perks and requirements of the program.

Each location you add to the app will generate a 20ct commission.

These locations are also promoted and backlinked regularly

Travel ambassadors receive a custom affiliate link. This link will allow you to receive commissions of 5$/ download.

You can also collect commission per clicks ($0.10ct).

  1. We request a minimum of 15 locations/quarter.
    These locations can be added in any of the categories on the app.
  2. You can add places you visited in the past as long as you have photos (that you own), you remember the experience you had and the minimum amenities required (i.e wifi on-site, parking available...)
  3. We also require a story Highlight on your Instagram profile so you can share your latest Gowhee discoveries.
  4. Your affiliate link needs to be displayed on your website (either in a dedicated blog post, on your menu, bio/link, or with the Gowhee logo on your home page)
  5. We will require you to leave a review on your app store to enroll in the program.

At Gowhee we value experience and travel more than your followers count! 
No minimum is required, but our team reviews each application to make sure your profile is genuine and engaging. 

We require that your affiliate link be added to your website, on a public page with the mention of Gowhee in the anchor text or branded logo/picture.

Gowhee App is growing and with it, all its travel ambassadors!

Joining our team allows you to claim your ambassador status and get recognized as a Travel Professional!

If you have a niche or expertise, let us know when joining the program. We will promote your content with that angle.

At Gowhee we value your writing skills and experiences.

Have a blog idea? Want to pitch into our content creation?

Just let us know and we will include your content in our queue.
At this time Gowhee pays 50$ to 75$/ Blog content (word count TBD based on the subject) + 3 horizontal photos.

Gowhee is working with partners around the globe. These partners need to be vetted by our trusted team.

After your first year anniversary with us, you become eligible to negotiate and approve our partners.
This comes with the perk of extra commission opportunities and paid trips.

Join our team of Traveling Experts and help other parents find their way!


To apply, fill in all necessary information and give us 24hrs to review the application. We will reach out to the email provided.

Join our community and receive your 2022 guide of local gems for kids in 25+ countries for FREE. 

You will get itineraries for kids, travel tips weekly, right in your inbox.

Psst… We don’t spam our people nor share your info!


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