23 Top Places To Visit in Europe with Kids


23 Top Places To Visit in Europe with Kids

Visiting Europe with Kids, can help you create the memories of a lifetime. Most cities have something for travelers, but not all offer specific amenities for kids. May it be the local culture towards children, enough activities to cover you on a rainy day, or just the transportation system adequate from strollers and/or wheelchair.

So to fill your bucket list with actual family-friendly European destinations, the GoWhee App members share their favorite destinations to visit in Europe with kids.

1. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Within ancient walls is a city called Dubrovnik. Steeped in history and born from the ashes of conflict, this stunning locale is perfect for all ages. In addition to the plentiful learning opportunities, Dubrovnik is surrounded by gorgeous landscapes, which are amazing spots to visit with kids.

Pro Tip: Itching to see something stunning? Travel to the nearby Bacina Lakes to see some of the most stunning blue waters on the planet!

2. Paris, France

While some people think of Paris as a more adult-friendly destination, the City of Light is a fabulous holiday destination for the whole family. Find fabulous food, exciting history, and kid-friendly activities like carousel rides throughout the city!

Pro Tip: Be sure to visit all of Paris’ iconic sights like the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and the Arc de Triomphe. If you want to see everything at once, consider taking a boat tour on the Seine.

Kids in front of the eiffel tower in carrousel
Carrousel of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. Photo by @cincotravelers

3. Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The first thing that most people think of when they’re talking about the Netherlands is Amsterdam, and there’s a reason for that! This amazing city is full of history, culture, and life. Amsterdam is the most populated city in the Netherlands, and it’s the capital of this culturally rich location.

Pro Tip: For kids interested in history, be sure to visit the Anne Frank House.

4. Stockholm, Sweden

Many European cities are bicycle-friendly, and Stockholm is no different. If you’re looking for a spot that perfectly balances history, culture, and modern amenities, then Stockholm is one of your best picks. This city is packed with museums for the curious and entertainment for the adventurous, so be sure to add it to your list of holiday destinations.

Pro Tip: Aspiring pirates have to drop by Stockholm’s Vasa Museum, which houses the mammoth remains of the stunning Vasa.

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5. Bern, Switzerland

The capital of Switzerland is a must-see spot for nature lovers. This dense metropolis is home to plenty of history, and it’s all waiting for you! Food, fun, and history are all menu items in Bern. Pro Tip: If you’re in the historic district, be sure to take a look at the local stores! Bern is home to plenty of unique vendors, and both adults and children will enjoy spending their fun money on souvenirs to remember the trip.

6. Budapest, Hungary

Few places are as historic as Budapest. This amazing city has seen constant human activity for at least 800 years, and it’s witnessed plenty of important events. For museum lovers, Budapest is a paradise! Thanks to its robust public transport, you can make a day trip out of many of its spots.

Pro Tip: Visitors looking for a unique experience should stop by the Underground Railway Museum, which memorializes Europe’s first subway!

7. Venice, Italy

It goes without saying that most people know about Venice. This gorgeous city is packed with sights to see and things to do. Its historic monuments are perfect for scholars, and there are plenty of unique activities and performances to keep modern minds occupied.

Pro Tip: Drop by the Libreria Acqua Alta to see a unique bookstore! This ancient vendor has adapted to floods by placing their wares in boats.

8. Crete, Greece

Families with an affinity for history should definitely add Crete to their bucket lists. This amazing island is home to some of the most important archeological discoveries of the ancient world. In Santorini, visitors can step 4,000 years backward in time as they explore the gorgeous ruins of Akrotiri. If history isn’t your jam, don’t worry! Crete still has plenty of pristine beaches to explore.

Pro Tip: Stay at Elounda Residence Resort, an eco-friendly hotel with an enormous, super-fun waterpark where the kids can play all day.

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9. Copenhagen, Denmark

On your European vacation to Copenhagen, expect plenty of food, fun, and memories. In its Frederiksstaden district, travelers can experience the gorgeous charm of 18th-century Rococo architecture. Thanks to its innovative layout, visitors can even bike all over the city!

Pro Tip: Visit Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen’s most popular theme park! The park even has an area specifically for little kids called Rasmus Klump’s World

10. Schattwald, Austrian Mountains

Active families will love Schattwald. This ordinarily sleepy municipality really wakes up during skiing season. Its many resorts, which are perfectly perched along the slopes of the Austrian Mountains, host thousands of eager ski enthusiasts every year! And If you are heading to Austria in the summer, the national parks will be the perfect playground for biking and hiking as well.

Pro Tip: Stay at La S.O.A. Chalet! These tranquil, private chalets are perfect for families with little kids, giving you plenty of privacy and room to play. 

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11. Edinburgh, Scotland

Against the rich emerald of the Scottish Highlands, there’s Edinburgh. This historic city is overflowing with memorable experiences and excursions. During your family vacation, scholarly visitors will enjoy the city’s rich history and many museums, and active travelers will love its modern amenities and activities.

Pro Tip: If your kids are fans of all things spooky, then check out the underground remnants of Mary King’s Close. Once used as war bunkers, this long-forgotten street has become a memorial to the Black Plague.

12. São Miguel, Azores Islands, Portugal

Of all of the Azores, São Miguel is the largest. This gorgeous natural wonder is perfect for nature lovers, whether families are looking for beaches or mountain hikes, there are plenty of opportunities. Kids of all ages will also enjoy learning more about volcanoes and farm life, two of the major focus on the island.

Pro Tip: Book a bungalow at Quinta Da Mo. You’ll enjoy spacious accommodations, access to the spa, and the chance to roam the stunning gardens complete with a waterfall, a bamboo forest, and a barbeque area. 

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Child learning about farm life in Sao Miguel
Breakfast with Goat experience found on Gowhee App, in Sao Miguel. Photo by @gowheeapp

13. Istanbul, Turkey

We’ve all heard the song, so why not visit the place? Istanbul is a resilient city with a colorful local population. There are plenty of modern kid-friendly activities and locations to keep families occupied, but the real star of Istanbul is its rich history.

Pro Tip: Visit Sultanahmet Square to see an ancient Egyptian obelisk. This massive wonder is sure to amaze, and it’s on display for everyone to see for free!

14. London, England

Plenty of things have happened in London, but the real star of this city is its cultural influence. From Harry Potter to Sherlock Holmes, London is packed with modern callbacks. While its museums are worth their own visit, kids will love seeing the stories behind their favorite tales.

Pro Tip: Visit Warner Bros. Studio London and take the Making of Harry Potter tour! See behind the scenes of your favorite series and get an up-close look at sets, props, costumes, and special effects from the movies. 

15. .Nice, France

The gem of Nice is undoubtedly its cathedral. No matter what you like, this massive Gothic landmark has something to keep you enthralled. When you’re done marveling at ancient ingenuity, the city still has plenty of food and entertainment to offer!

Pro Tip: Keep your historic trip going by visiting La Crypte Archéologique de Nice. With a reasonable 6 euro entry price, this hidden relic of medieval Europe is a great way to learn about the city.

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16. Prague, Czech Republic

From its Christmas Market to its larger-than-life theaters, Prague is an artist’s paradise. This influential city has spent its life playing host to artists, musicians, writers, and poets. Written in its masonry are stories from centuries ago, but its streets remain vibrant and modern spots for some child-friendly fun.

Pro Tip: Fans of video games may recognize Prague as one of the locations featured in the Tomb Raider series, and Strahov District is a must-see for any fans of the franchise.

17. Rome, Italy

Founded 3,000 years ago, Rome is one of those universal bucket list places. Everyone has a reason for visiting, and that’s because the city is so diverse. From its ancient archeological sites to its modern dining experiences, Rome has something for everyone. Thanks to its diverse offerings, it’s a great spot to make traveling with kids a little less stressful.

Pro Tip: Find a surprising taste of America in the middle of Rome by visiting the Keats-Shelly Memorial House.

18. Munich, Germany

Munich may be known for Oktoberfest, but there’s plenty of fun for families in this amazing city. Like most European capitals, Munich is well known for its historical value. However, beneath all of the pomp and circumstance is a city that’s young and vibrant!

Pro Tip: It’s free! It’s big! It’s weird! Visit Town Hall to see the Rathaus-Glockenspiel Clock. This mammoth clockwork masterpiece puts on an hourly show, which features plenty of movement and curiosities to keep everyone enthralled. Don’t worry about missing the hour, because the show restarts 24 times daily!

19. Sintra, Portugal

Nestled in the picturesque Sintra Mountains, Sintra is a verifiable wealth of mysterious happenings and much more relaxing than Lisbon. For curious kids, Sintra will be a truly thrilling adventure. Its many castles and mansions hold plenty of secrets. In fact, at the Quinta da Regaleira, you can find a super secret stairwell in the Poço Iniciático.

Pro Tip: Stay in the Chalet Saudade Vintage Guest House. Centrally located for convenient access to local attractions, the hotel is also home to Cafe Saudade, which serves up delicious Portuguese food. Make sure your kiddos try the egg tarts!

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Child in front of Sintra's castle
Montserrat Castle in Sintra, Portual. Photo by @maud.maciak

20. Sibiu, Romania

Once, Sibiu was located in a place that plenty of people have heard of Transylvania! Families with a taste for all things spooky will love this locale, which really leans into its horror roots. Dracula haunts Sibiu, and he’s sunk his fangs into the town’s history.

Pro Tip: Amp up the spookiness factor of your visit by paying a visit to the August von Spiess Museum of Hunting! This unique location pays homage to the city’s breadwinners, and its walls are covered in ancient hunting tools and taxidermy.

21. Madrid, Spain

When Madrid isn’t being overrun by rampaging bulls, the city is a laid-back slice of European life. Against a backdrop of history and conflict, Madrid remains a sparkling gem in the tapestry of Europe. In addition to its many museums, there are also plenty of parks, zoos, and amusements for kids to enjoy.

Pro Tip: If your kids love the ice, then be sure to stop by the Ice Palace. This massive recreational facility is named for its Olympic-sized indoor ice rink!

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22. Oslo, Norway

Most kids aren’t very interested in the huge role that Oslo plays in the Norwegian financial sector, but that’s okay! This city is still an amazing spot for families to visit together. In addition to its many museums, Oslo has plenty of hands-on activities to enjoy. There’s even an amusement park, just look for TusenFryd!

Pro Tip: One of the most exciting museums in the city is The Fram Museum. This institution houses a gigantic replica of The Fram, a gigantic polar exploration ship!

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23. Reykjavik, Iceland

Originally founded by Vikings, Reykjavik has a unique and unforgettable blend of cultures. The capital of Iceland is full of things to do, and everyone will enjoy its sights. In addition to the sites that you’ll see in the city, you can enjoy the sights of its shores by participating in amazing whale-watching tours.

Pro Tip: Visitors can experience some unique swimming spots in Reykjavik. The city has multiple geothermal swimming pools! Most famous is the Blue Lagoon, located near Keflavik international airport. 

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