Talk About Voting With Kids

Credit : Central Michigan University

Talking about voting with kids can seem challenging, especially for the younger ones. Where do you start? Would they understand? Would they remember? Is it  realistic, they are just kids… All these thoughts are normal and totally valid. But civic duties are better taught young, as a “normal” process of life, so they stick to it when it’s time for them to take on their own civic duties. 

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Read Books about Voting

This can be done at any age and has more of an impact on children than we think. Here are a few of our favorite books about voting and civic duties in general:

Babies and Toddler: Go Vote Baby! |by Nancy Lambert (Author), Anne Passchier (Illustrator)

K – 12 : A Kid Book About Voting.

Teens 12+: Where Do Presidents Come From?

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Let Them Vote!

If you want your kids to know WHY it is important to vote, let them experience what voting is all about. You can do this while you travel (i.e let them vote on the locations, the activities, etc…) or while at home (what is for dinner? Let’s take a vote, shall we!)

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Bring Them Places They will Remember

The best way for a child to remember a lesson is to create a memory around it! Nothing sticks more in their mind than a fun, rich outing with Mommy and/or Daddy. ” I will always remember how much fun it was to visit the Capitol with my dad! It really stayed with me and actually inspired me to become a lawyer…” -Gowhee Member. Find lots of cultural and historical places in the Gowhee App, to help you create memories with kids and teach them about voting.

Use Screen Time for your Civic Lesson

Use their beloved screen time to teach them about voting. Some amazing resources can be found for all ages like these few favorites of ours:

Toddler: Daniel the Tiger – Season 2 Ep 5 ” The Neighborhood Votes / The Class Votes” 

K-12: You are not elected | Charlie Brown 

Teen 12+:  Knock Down House 

Lead By Example!

Make sure YOU vote, and that they know about it! Kids learn best when you lead by example. So no matter the challenges you face when voting this year, make sure to talk about it. They should know that democracy is a right, and that it is not always easy but it is worth fighting for! 
If you need help to register to vote, here is a bi-partisan resource that makes it easy to start:

Special Thanks to the Central Michigan University for promoting the voice of a young voter and for sharing their picture with us. Follow them @centralmichiganlife

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