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20 Best Kids Camping Gear Recommendations by Parents


This summer might be the perfect opportunity to go camping with your family. The great outdoors is waiting, and you can enjoy some well deserve relaxing times on a budget. 

Whether it’s your first time “breaking in the tent”,  or one of many family camping trips in your book, here are some of the best kids camping gear, so the whole family can have fun.

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* Although all items were recommended by a community of parents, some affiliate advertising programs are applied in some links.

20 Best Kids Camping Gear Recommendations by Parents

1. Fast-Drying, Mess-Free Towel

This compact and fast-drying towel by Tesalate is a life-saver item. It has been voted the number one gear item to have on hand by the Gowhee App families! Its uses are endless (beach, lake, shower, mess clean up etc…) and the space it takes up is close to none! So, do yourself a favor and grab a few of these for your next camping trip.

2. Reusable Water Bottle For the Whole Family

Being a traveling family is also being conscientious about our impact on the environment. So, for your camping trip choose a common gallon of water to share with the whole group and refill those super durable and kid-friendly Klean Kanteen water bottles.

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3. Kid-Size Air Mattress

This little hiccapop Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed with Safety Bumpers is great to help the kids not fall off their air mattresses. And since it comes in two parts, we also love to use the base for bath or water play. This makes it a great camping item to have for your little ones.

4. Kid-Friendly First Aid Kit

When little accidents happen (because they always seem to), we are glad to quickly pull out this super-efficient and adorable kid-friendly first aid kit by Keepgoingkit! We love the stickers and all the necessities it provides, but also importantly, we adore that it is a mom-based business!

First aid kit from keep going
Keep going first aid kit designed to travel. Photo by @keepgoingfirstaid

5. Anti-Mosquito Bracelet

If your kiddos (and yourself) are the preferred buffet item for mosquitos during a camping trip, you will need one of these Para’Kito Natural Kids Mosquito Repellent Wristbands. We especially love the fact that you can just refill the product base pellet, which makes it a great eco option, and the waterproof feature is great as well. But the best feature of all is that it actually works! No one enjoys putting some DEET on a brand new baby’s skin… This will be a game-changer when it comes to nighttime.

6. Baby/Toddler Carrier

Counting on stroller-friendly trails for all your hikes is wishful thinking! So this item is a true must-have. We selected our Gowhee families’ top favorites. The Tule Ergonomic Carrier comes in 2 sizes based on your child’s weight and offers so many amazing features. We love the organic material and the wide padded waistband. Comfort is number one when choosing a carrier for hikes, and this one is top-notch!

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7. Bug Collecting Kit

An awesome 30-piece bug collecting kit is the perfect gift for kids who love outdoor exploration! It includes everything a curious kid needs to get a better look at the bugs around them, including a gentle collecting vacuum, soft bug net, pop-up enclosure, magnifying glass, and more! There are even some toy bugs included so that the outdoor adventure can continue at home. 

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8. Indoor or Outdoor Axe Throwing Game

Have some fun, safe axe-throwing fun with this great game that’s perfect for indoor and outdoor play! Kids of all ages can enjoy hurling axes at a target, and parents can get in on the fun, too! The lightweight axes and foam targets are easy to pack and carry, an important consideration for your camping toys.

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9. Sleeping Bags Rated for at Least 40 Degrees

When you’re outdoor camping, the nights often get colder than most people are used to— especially if you’re in a tent! If you’ve got super little kids, check out Morrison Outdoors’ Baby Sleeping Bag for babies ages 6 – 24 months. It will keep your little ones nice and cozy at night. 

10. LED Headlamp

LED headlamps are a total necessity for camping with kids. They don’t just let you see at night, they also make it easier to navigate inside the tent after dark. They’re perfect for preventing accidents and making late-night bathroom breaks easier. These headlamps can use either rechargeable AAA or standard AAA batteries and come in several different colors so that everyone can have their own.

11. High-SPF Spray-On Sunscreen

No matter where your camping trip takes you, you need to bring sunscreen if you’re bringing your kids outdoors! Mineral sunscreen is safe for kids and better for the environment than chemical sunscreen, and Blue Lizard Sunscreen is the number one pediatrician-recommended mineral sunscreen.

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family around campfire by the lake
Photo by @ Brooks Rice

12. Camping Backpacks Designed for Kids

An adorable camping backpack with animal features is perfect for your kids’ outdoor adventures. The animal’s eyes reflect in low light for safety, and the internal compartments keep wet and dry stuff separate. The fabric is also eco-friendly, which our GoWhee parents love. Your kids will have plenty of room for their supplies and snacks!

13. Multi-Room Tents

If you’re tent camping with kids, a multi-room tent can be a great option. Depending on how many people you have, you might be able to designate one room for gear, keeping the sleeping area clear. Or you can give the kids their own room— they’ll love the feeling of independence. We like this three-room tent, which can fit three queen-sized air mattresses. 

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14. Portawipes Coin Tissues

Be prepared with Portawipes Coin Tissues! These environmentally friendly, reusable wipes expand into a strong, soft cloth with just a little bit of added water. They’re perfect for cleaning up messes and cleaning your hands and body, no matter where you are.

15. A Kids’ Fishing Rod

Fishing and camping go together like peanut butter and jelly, and if you’re going to fish, your kids will want in on the action, too! A kid-sized fishing rod is a perfect way to introduce your kids to fishing and make memories that will last a lifetime. Even if you don’t catch anything together, you can laugh about the one that got away.

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Family fishing
Photo by @ AdamSherez

16. Waterproof Blankets

A waterproof blanket is perfect for picnicking and lounging. Not only is the Nomadix Festival Blanket cute and comfortable, but it’s also made from recycled materials. This blanket also has a non-slip surface, perfect for yoga… or for toddlers!

17.  High-SPF Spray-On Sunscreen

No matter where your camping trip takes you, you need to bring sunscreen if you’re bringing your kids outdoors! Mineral sunscreen is safe for kids and better for the environment than chemical sunscreen, and Blue Lizard Sunscreen is the number one pediatrician-recommended mineral sunscreen.

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18. Binoculars

Binoculars make it easier to watch wildlife, stargaze, and admire the natural landscape— but many binoculars aren’t exactly kid-friendly. They can be complicated to use, heavy, and fragile. So when you’re getting binoculars for camping with kids, get a pair of Celestron UpClose G2s. They are easy to use, lightweight, comfortable to hold, and budget-friendly enough that you don’t have to worry about them.

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18. Kid-Sized Camping Chairs

Give your kids a place to sit around the campfire that’s just their size! Parents love these fun kid-sized camping chairs for their sturdy construction and super cute designs. These chairs are easy for older kids to set up on their own, and are light enough to carry with you on your camping trips. 

19. Water Shoes

Protect little toes from hot sand and sharp rocks with a pair of water shoes. Parents love these KEEN Stingrays because the reinforced rubber toe and sole provide both grip and protection. And they’re comfortable enough that your kids will actually keep them on!

20. GeoSafari SeaScope

Kids play best with their environment, so when you’re picking toys for kids to take camping, choose toys that let them explore and interact with the environment in new ways. The GeoSafari SeaScope is a great toy if you’re camping near a sea or lake because it will let your little one see what’s under the water. This is extra great if your kid loves animals. 

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