10 Reasons Why Baja California, Mexico
Is the Best Winter Break Spot for Kids

Baja california

Looking for a warm, sunny place to take your kids this winter? Look no further than Baja California, Mexico. Baja California is a Mexican state that borders the state of California. The Mexican State is known for its white, sandy beaches, shopping, and beautiful scenery. From December to May, Baja California is thriving with tourists, sunny weather, and bountiful wildlife! If you’re looking for a kid-friendly place to take your kids, Baja California is the place to be.

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Baja California Has Super Affordable Lodging

If you are looking for the perfect inexpensive spot to meet up with friends and family, Baja California is the place for you! Check this beautiful modern Mexican house called Casa Bougainvillea with 360 views of the ocean and mountains. Everything is provided for kids and adults like comfy bunk beds and filtered water! There are also nearby stores and amazing beaches the whole family will enjoy!

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Baja Beaches Are the Perfect Place to Take Your Kids 

Baja California is known for its beautiful sandy beaches and turquoise waters like Ensenada Grande Beach. This beach is great for bringing the kids to go paddleboarding, snorkeling, hiking, or lounging around! Baja California has small towns and empty beaches to enjoy without the crowds and without breaking the bank. This part of Mexico is also super safe and amazing for kids and families! 

Baja California Has Delicious Authentic Mexican Cuisine

Even picky eaters will love this one! There is no better way to discover local, authentic Mexican food than by hitting the hundreds of local taco stands. If you are looking for a kid-friendly taco joint, we recommend this place called Mitatero in La Paz. They offer a room just for kids while parents enjoy delicious Margaritas! Have older kids? Organize a taco joint hop and hit all the small and unique taco stands near you!

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You Can Relax with an In-House Massage

In-house Massages are twice as cheap as the U.S, so jump on the opportunity to put your feet up! You can relax in your Air BnB and a mobile massage therapist will come to you! No need to leave the house! Plus, your kids can sit and chill while you take some much-needed personal time.

You Can Give Back to People in Need While Visiting Local Communities

There are several ways you can give back to the local communities of Baja California. You can share some English knowledge with the kids, cook a warm meal for a soup kitchen, or bring some food staples to support the local young moms. There is nothing better than immersing your whole family in the local community and giving back while you enjoy the area. This association in El Pescadero gives local children a warm meal and teaches them English. Make sure to check them out during your stay so you can make an impact on the local communities!

You Can Watch Baby Sea Turtles Get Released Into the Ocean

Join one of the many local organizations in Baja California that release baby turtles into the ocean. Every year, thousands of sea turtles are illegally hunted and killed. To prevent this, wildlife organizations help and protect baby sea turtles by releasing them into the ocean so they’re not eaten by predators. They also educate people on the beauty and rarity of these sea creatures and why they need to be protected. You can even adopt a sea turtle and receive a Certificate of Adoption which your kids will love! It’s a truly liberating experience that will leave you and your kids with memories for a lifetime.

You Can Get a Taste of Mexican Culture in Baja California

If you’re looking for some fun shopping to do with your kids, head on over to the town of Rosarito! They’ve got tons of shops that carry arts, crafts, homemade furniture, and leather goods! You can also take your kids on a Street Art treasure hunt! Mexican towns like La Paz are painted in beautiful street art created by the locals. The bright colors are sure to please eyes of all ages and are a great inspiration for future art projects!

Local Celebrations in Baja California Are Packed with Mexican Culture

Visit Baja California during celebrations like Dia de Los Muertos. It’s a feast for the eyes and ears and will bring your family even closer to the culture. You and your kids can build an altar, eat some delicious pan de Muerto, or buy some sugar skulls from a local market! Dia de Los Muertos is November 2nd. However, celebrations can happen between October 31st and November 2nd, so you can join in on the festivities during winter break!

You Can Take Cooking Classes in Baja California

You can splurge on an in-house chef or hit one of the public cooking classes in Baja California! You and your kids can learn all about Mexican cuisine and how it is prepared. Make it fun for adults and add a cocktail lesson too. This is one of the easiest and best ways to learn to cook some amazing Mexican food. Local produce and markets are filled with delicious ingredients that will make great additions to your fresh-cooked meals! 

You Can Learn a New Skill or Go On an Adventure

You and your kids could take surfing lessons or go kayaking at Espiritu Santo Island in La Paz! Baja Califonia is known for having some of the best waves in the Pacific! Make sure to bring a wetsuit because the Pacific Ocean is quite chilly!

Baja California, Mexico is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by you and your family. Dive right into an adventure with your kids and make memories that will last a lifetime!

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