20+ Kid-Friendly Hikes Near Seattle


With so many options for hikes in the great state of Washington, your family cannot possibly run out of ways to enjoy the natural beauty of the great outdoors. The mountains, waterways, parks, and preserves all offer unique picturesque views. You will find varying levels of terrain to choose from, so that everyone, even the little ones, can take part in the adventure around every corner.

Here are 20+ kid friendly hikes near Seattle. Check out the Gowhee App for even more locations recommended by local and traveling parents. 

Kid friendly hikes near seattle -
Mt. Rainier Park. Photo by Stephanie Bergeron

1. Anti-Aircraft Peak Loop, Cougar Mountain

Hike past sites associated with local industry and a defunct 1950s anti-aircraft base that’s being retaken by nature.

Key Information: 4.75 miles – 450 feet elevation gain – 17 miles from Seattle

2. Nisqually Vista Loop

See the remains of a once-mighty glacier and other incredible views of Mt. Rainier. 

While the trail is paved, there are stairs. So, if you have a wheelchair user in your party, you will need to take an alternate route. The trail can be accessed from the upper parking lot via connector trails.

Key Information: 1.1 miles – 200 feet elevation gain – wheelchair accessible via an alternate access route – 104 miles from Seattle

3. Carkeek Park

Hike along beautiful Piper’s Creek and enjoy the sights and sounds of coastal Washington.

Key Information: 3.5 miles – 800 feet elevation gain – in Seattle

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Top kid friendly hikes near seattle cover view from the Carkeek park
View on the Carkeek Park road. Photo by Peter Emery

20+ Kid-Friendly Hikes Near Seattle

4. Cowen & Ravenna Parks

You don’t even have to leave the city to enjoy the hiking trails at Cowen and Ravenna Parks!

Key Information: 4.5 miles – 115 feet elevation gain – in Seattle

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5. Denny Creek, Snoqualmie Pass

See rivers, waterfalls, and wildflowers with your family on this lovely trail.

Key Information: 6 miles – 1345 feet elevation gain – 51 miles from Seattle

6. Discovery Park Loop Trail

Even in the parking lot, you’ll see lots of incredible views on this trail. You can explore what the Seattle area was like before people lived here!

Key Information: 2.8 miles – 140 feet elevation gain – in Seattle

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7. Swamp Trail, Tiger Mountain

This great trail for kids features a fun story and lots of cool views.

Key Information: 1 mile – 75 feet elevation gain – 30 miles from Seattle

Trail in Tiger Mountain, Seattle
Tiger Mountain trail near seattle. Photo by Dave Hoefler

8. Franklin Falls, Snoqualmie Pass

You’ll see a dazzling waterfall on this hike, along with gorgeous forest views. If you’re lucky, you might get to see woodpeckers, elk, and other wildlife.

Key Information: 2 miles – 400 feet elevation gain – 51 miles from Seattle

9. Kestner Homestead

Explore a real 1800s homestead on this trail. There are several connecting trails, many of which are just as fun and easy for little legs.

Key Information: 1.5 miles – 30 feet elevation gain – wheelchair accessible – 155 miles from Seattle

10. Pretzel Tree Trail, Squak Mountain

This short trail was designed for kids and features a fun story about local wildlife. At the end, you’ll see the famous Pretzel Tree, which is actually two tree trunks twisted together.

Key Information: 0.3 miles – no elevation gain – 20 miles from Seattle.

11. Oxbow Loop Trail

This trail offers great views of lakes and rivers. Take in the beautiful glacial waterscape as you hike by meandering streams and ice-cold glacial lakes.

Key Information: 1.8 miles – 56 feet elevation gain – 41 miles from Seattle

12. Schmitz Preserve Park

See ancient old-growth forests and marvel at enormous trees, without having to leave the city!

Key Information: 1.7 miles – 220 feet elevation gain – in Seattle

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View from Oxbow Regional Park
View in Oxbow Regional Park. Photo by Rajiv Perera

13. Coal Creek Falls, Cougar Mountain

This beautiful trail takes you past enormous trees and a picturesque waterfall.

Key Information: 2.5 miles – 416 feet elevation gain – 16 miles from Seattle

14. Saint Edward State Park

See the historic St. Edward seminary and enjoy numerous playgrounds along the way. This trail is perfect for kids and is very easy for parents, too.

Key Information: 3 miles – 400 feet elevation gain – 15 miles from Seattle

15. Quinault Rainforest Nature Loop

The Pacific Northwest is home to the only rainforest in the continental US, and this short trail shows it off well. If your kids are up to it, there are many other trails in the area.

Key Information: 0.5 miles – 40 feet elevation gain – 147 miles from Seattle

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Lake Quinault a kid friendly hike near seattle
Quinault Lake near seattle. photo by Roger Lipera

16. Seward Park

A natural oasis in urban Seattle, Seward Park is perfect for a sunny afternoon. Expect to see lots of people running the trail, hiking, biking, and otherwise enjoying the park.

Key Information: 2.4 miles – no elevation gain – wheelchair-accessible – in Seattle

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17. Shadow of The Sentinels

This quick hike on a boardwalk takes you past massive trees.

Key Information: 0.5 miles – 50 feet elevation gain – wheelchair accessible spring-fall – 104 miles from Seattle

18. Evans Creek Preserve

See wetlands, meadows, and hillside forests on this trail– parts of which are a smooth, ADA-accessible boardwalk.

Key Information: 4.2 miles – 325 feet elevation gain – partially wheelchair accessible – 20 miles from Seattle

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19. Verlot Nature Trail

This short trail takes you past some safe, sandy beaches that are perfect for a quick swim.

Key Information: 0.5 miles – 13 feet elevation gain – 54 miles from Seattle

20. Washington Botanic Gardens Trails

There are several trails at the Washington Botanic Gardens. The main Loop Trail takes you past everything there is to see.

Key Information: 2 miles – no elevation gain – wheelchair accessible – in Seattle

Did we miss any of your favorite kid-friendly hikes near Seattle? Let us know in the comments.

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