10+Best Hikes For Kids in the U.S


With about 423 national parks and many more states parks, the U.S has a large network of trails to discover. But when traveling with kids, parents know that not all trails are easy and adapted to tiny feet or strollers. 

So Gowhee App shares its list of the best hikes for kids in the U.S, to help you start planning your next outdoor adventures.

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Sugarloaf Loop Trail outside Sedona, AZ found on the @GoWheeApp

10+ Best Hikes For Kids in the U.S

After a kid-friendly 3.5-mile hike (roundtrip), you will be able to discover a unique Donut shaped waterfall. Although picturesque from the top (better with small kids), you can also decide to venture down a little bit to the heart of the waterfall. 

Once down there, you can get your feet wet and catch a glimpse of the fall from inside the cave. Stay on the trail until the fork and stay left until you reach the waterfall.  This is one of the best hikes for kids that you can do all year long.

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Take the kids on this family-friendly 9.6-mile trail and discover a glacier-filled lake. The slow grade trail is great for the whole family with extensive views and leads directly to the lake. The older kids can also enjoy the Park Ranger-led programs that are available at the visitor center.

To add some interest to the hike, families have reported seeing some mountain goats, sheep, and grizzlies… Perfect background for a nature scavenger hunt!

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Start your journey through an easy 1.6-mile trail and discover three caves formed some tens of thousands years ago by volcanic activity.  Each cave offers an amazing experience with different levels of difficulty. 

The Indian Tunnel cave is particularly a great kid-friendly hike and will give you some serious homeschooling material on volcanic activity.

Looking for the best hikes for kids that are a little more experienced? This nature loop of about 2.6 miles in the middle of the Bryce National Park will leave you speechless. 

This is one of the best hikes for kids who love birds and spectacular landscapes, you will be in for a treat.  Summer is a popular season for this trail so make sure to keep your social distancing on.

If you need a little nature day trip on the east coast, go take a look at this beautiful waterfall. The paved sidewalk to get to the fall is great for smaller kids, and once you reach the site, you get to walk beyond the waterfall! 

It’s the perfect stay-cation or easy to add to a road trip to create amazing memories.

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Behind the Dry Falls in North Carolina. Photo by @lewisfamcoast2coast

Hike like a real cowboy! I mean, there is nothing more kid-friendly than a cowboy trail with all kinds of cool artifacts and physical challenges like these ladders you can find along the path. 

With only a 0.6-mile loop trail and tons to see along the way, this is the perfect trail for our little beginner hikers. So use this socially distancing summer vacation as an excuse to put the whole family on the right path (pun intended!).

Need to bring the pooch along? What about this moderate, yet still accessible for kids and dogs, trail! The reward: A beautiful cascade in the heart of the South. With a 50-foot-high waterfall and some spectacular groves, it is a must-see! 

However, this area of the best hikes for kids that are a little older and more experienced since the National Forest Service recommends using extra caution after wet weather, and deep ravines are to be expected along the way.

Sand Dune Arch trail

If you are looking for a kid-friendly camping trip, then look no further! This easy trail offers amazing views of the Arches National Park, in particular the sand formations called: Sand Dune Arch and Broken Arch. 

The experience of putting your feet in the orange sand is quite spectacular and should be a huge hit among the kids. If you would like to stay overnight and camp after the 1.7-mile hike, you can also enjoy the Devils Garden Campground onsite.

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The trail with the fall where the two creeks meet! It is one of the best hikes for kids and adults at the beginner level, thanks to the benches along the way that allow the whole family to rest. 

We also love the ability to bring a stroller along since the 0.8-mile trail is paved and slowly inclined. But if you find your way to this kid-friendly trail, don’t forget to stop and take a look at the Alpine town of Helen!

A hike in the Great Smoky Mountains! This 2.6-mile trail leads to a beautiful waterfall and is great for experienced little hikers. Pets and strollers will not be part of the trip but “hiking the Smokeys” is a reward in itself for the whole family. 

This trail offers amazing family photo opportunities

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