5 Tips to Spend the Holidays in an RV


Some families choose to spend their holidays away from large family gatherings and prefer to find beautiful sceneries and enjoy these special times on the road.

This is the perfect opportunity to look for places for kids, enjoy the calm surroundings and celebrate. Local and traveling families share their favorite gems on the  GoWhee App. And here are five great tips to celebrate the holidays in an RV to make the most out of the celebrations!

Alexis's RV in California

1. Organize a Family Drive-By Thanksgiving/Christmas

If a family gathering in a traditional way is not possible, other fun and safe options are available and compatible with our RV Thanksgiving. You could organize a drive-by Thanksgiving or Christmas and stop at your family/friends’ home and organize a potluck! It is one of Alexis’s favorite ways to gather, “Potlucks are so fun, and give you a chance to try new things! There’s nothing better than bringing friends together with a good meal.”  Everyone brings their own food and can meet while staying socially distant. Remember that traveling with your RV during the holidays does give you so many flexible options, and one of them is to be able to set up camp wherever you are, while keeping a safe distance.

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2. Your Holiday Meal on the Road

“There’s nothing that can beat my grandma’s Thanksgiving dinner… But if you are prepping a nice meal in an 86-sq-ft. van, keeping things simple is key.” Alexis explains. 
She recommends to splurge on a nice campground for the day and park near a picnic table. This will aid in setting a festive table, sitting down and enjoying the meal you’ve prepared. Her family’s favorite is a nice steak and bacon/potatoes.  Since the holidays are really about celebrating quality time with your loved ones, it sounds like simpler options, rather than an extravagant dinner, could be just as great!

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3. Where to Go to Make it Special

The world is full of beautiful places to visit, but Alexis, a U.S. traveler, recommends  focusing on the U.S. west coast. 
She says : “The California Central Coast is the perfect place to spend Thanksgiving! The temperatures are usually in the high 60s to 70s, and you cannot beat the oceanside views. We absolutely love Morro Bay this time of the year, as well as Paso Robles. The latter is fantastic for wine tasting and breweries, which are a key component of a delicious Thanksgiving meal! Another spot that’s absolutely gorgeous in the Fall is Solvang, Calif., which is near Santa Barbara. It’s a quaint Danish town with the most delicious pastries, adorable pumpkin farms and beautiful wineries! “.

If you need inspiration or locations in other parts of the U.S. or the world, download the Gowhee App and find amazing family-friendly nature spots and hikes near you.

Alexis's little boy cooking their RV meal.

4. What to Pack for Cold Weather

When you think of an RV trip during the holidays, you might worry about keeping things warm! With kids in tow, you need to have the proper equipment. Here is Alexis’s favorite gear to make sure you can safely camp during the holidays. Overall, we do recommend to stay away from extreme temperatures and choose a location with moderate temperature (60F).  Here is a list of items that you should pack with you in the RV during your winter trip:

    • Layers are your best friends, so a pair of long johns goes a long way.
    • A nice down jacket for colder days.
    • Beanies and gloves are a must.
    • Some wool and down blankets for extra warmth in bed
    • Stock up on firewood to build an epic camp fire!

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5. Here are a few Cool RV Resources:

If you are not already equipt with your own ride, here are a few resources where you can find RVs for rent: In the U.S, Outdoorsy.com and RVshare have tons of affordable RVs for rent. To keep track of road conditions for safety go to safetravelusa.
To rent an RV in Europe we recommend Yescapa. The Gowhee App offers tons of kid-friendly campsites, hikes and restaurant inspirations for your RV trip.


Thanks to Alexis, the mom behind @neversaysomeday, for sharing with us her favorite hacks and tips about traveling in an RV during the holiday season. Follow them on insta or on their blog: neversaysomedayfamily.com

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