Playgrounds with Views You Shouldn't Miss!


Most of us parents spend a considerable amount of time at playgrounds… Hem hem, sometimes we actually play on the playground as well!! 

But I am sure you would agree that although they are all safe and kid-friendly, not all playgrounds are made equal.  So, don’t settle any longer for a quick stop in a concrete jungle, and be choose-y with your playground stop. To help out, we went to find some of the coolest views you can enjoy while the kiddos play safely in the background… 

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Playground of the Jardin du Trocadero - Paris, France-

1. A playground on the 'Most Beautiful Road in the World' - Pinhao's (Portugal)

One of the best kept secret towns in Europe, is Pinhao! Nestled among terraced vineyards, river and mountains, this little gem will certainly please travelers of all ages. And it just so happens that right at the entrance of town, there is a super cute playground where you can sit and order a coffee, relax and enjoy the views, while the kids enjoy some interaction. This amazing playground was found by the @gowheeapp CEO, Maud Maciak and the exact address can be found in the gowheeapp.

portugal with kids, kid-friendly places, playground, family friendly, travel with kids, europe with kids, parents,
View from the playground in Pinhao

2.Playground at the bottom of the Alps - Lauterbrunnen (Switzerland)

The Alps are great no matter where, when, or how you decide to discover them. But if you happen to be on the Switzerland side and travel by road, this little stop is a must. The playground is surrounded by beautiful lush hills with gorgeous snow-capped mountains in the background!
This little gem was found by our travel ambassador Sarah and her family, and the exact address can be found in the gowheeapp.

3. 'Jardin du trocadero' Playground with Eiffel Tower views- Paris (France)

You don’t have to compromise between sightseeing and kids playing any longer! This Parisian playground allows you to admire the steel beauty while the kids take a break. The Trocadero gardens is also a great spot to take a stroll and enjoy some greenery in the middle of the city. This unique playground was found by our travel ambassador Dina and her family, and the exact address can be found in the gowheeapp.

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4. The Cable Car Playground - Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Germany)

Germany is well known for its great playground and kid friendly amenities. But I bet you never thought you would have to take a cable car up the mountain to reach a playground, right? Well strap up, because this amazing spot is open all year long and offers true panoramic views, cafe/restaurant / beer garden (also kid-friendly) and a cool ride to the top! You can even take a hike down in good weather. The gowheeapp team personally tested this one and the address can be found on the gowheeapp.

Germany with kids, kid-friendly places, playground, family friendly, travel with kids, europe with kids, parents,
Playground on top of the Wank Mountain, Germany. Source: Gowhee App

5.Playground with views of the London Eye (England)

An amazing structure and views of an iconic London landmark is what we are talking about here! When visiting the city of London, a little break in a green space goes a long way especially with the littles. So finding a great spot like this one, with plenty of room to run, jump and play, is a real treat. Thanks to our travel ambassador Krishna and her family you can locate the exact address in the gowheeapp

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6.The Robin Hood Playground - Robin Hood's Bay (England)

Ever wondered about pirates and the Robin Hood legend? Then this little town north of London, will be the perfect getaway spot! You can spend some time on the beach, roam around the little “smuggling” streets, and of course take a break with the kids in this super cute, pirate-themed playground with a view of the ocean. Find the exact locations on the gowheeapp.

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