A Holiday Gift List

For Families Who Want To Give Back!

Written by The Gowhee Team


The holidays are the perfect time of the year to support small businesses! So we wanted to make it easy for you to find travel related products that are making a difference in the world, while also supporting small businesses and parent entrepreneurs.

Get our curated list of MUST-HAVE APPS FOR 2020, many tips and resources to make your travel journey with the kids a little easier!

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If you need to get yourself a new set of bathing suits, this brand is It!
What we love: The message behind the brand! All the products are made in L.A., USA with an ethical work environment. The pieces are great quality and eco-friendly.
Who is behind the brand: Jessica Rey, traveling mom of 3, homeschool advocate and resident of California, USA. Learn more about her and her brand. Follow her @therealjessicarey

Jessica and her daughter wearing one of her pieces.

This brand of toys is especially dedicated to sharing the Indian culture through soft toys, books and nursery decor. You can foster a love of travel early and introduce your kids to a world experience right from home, which is perfect during these times.
What we love: Modi Toys has a strong charity program and partners with a few organizations all centered around childhood. On top of giving back some of their proceeds, they also organize fundraiser events in and around NJ. 
Who is behind the brand: Avani, mom and proud aunt. She is an advocate for the inclusion of any culture in a child’s life.  You can read about her story here.

Every time you buy a bag, you help feed children around the world including in the U.S.
What we love: Super cool to see the number of meals each bag is sponsoring. The mission behind the product is amazing as a whole! 
Who is behind the brand: Laura Bush Lauren, a mission driven designer and traveler, mom of 2. She fights to end world hunger, activist of equality, and “earth lover”.

Lauren and one of her travel totes

Did you know the fashion industry is a huge pollutant? And kids’ clothes, lets face it, are a money pit! Start renting them from a reliable and eco conscious company! They have a catalogue covering Preemies to 4T.
What we love: Their mission is to make parents’ lives easy, help the process of creating an efficient capsule closet (a traveling family favorite) and reducing the carbon footprint of the fashion industry in the process!
Who is behind the brand: Lauren Gregor, mom of 2, ecologically conscious entrepreneur. She is keeping it real about motherhood and giving eco tips on her blog too.

Open ended toys, kids masks, and tons of kid-friendly items made with cute and eco materials sounds great already, right?! But wait, there is more…because mouselovespig is full of surprises just like its founder!
What we love: Of course we are fans of these ethically made in the U.S.A. toys because they are adorable and perfect to take on the road! But we especially love that Mouselovespig is dedicated to supporting equal representation by giving part of their proceeds to the charity organization: @brownbabesreptoo
Who is behind the brand: Ruth, mom of 2, Tennessee native, and book lover. But the fun fact about Ruth is that she left her career as an architect to dedicate herself to create toys that are safe and sustainable for all children! Learn more about her story.

This brand figured us out! If you love color, the beach, sustainability, handmade items and JOY. Then this is a must-have item on your wish list! All of their products are great, but if you order their gift set, it will transport you right away into vacation mode! And we all need that little bit of joy this year, am I right?!
What we love: The entire brand is built on the mission of providing joy of course! But if you dig a little deeper you will discover their amazing concept of giving back, the Joy and Justice program! Each month, they are partnering with a different charity centered around kids and motherhood to give part of their proceeds to.
Who is behind the brand:  Sara is an artist, mom of 2 and obsessed with embellishing the world around her. When she is not creating things to make the world a little more colorful, she inspires other families through her contagious smile, you can follow her @shopsarajoy.

Finally a brand of t-shirt that pleases parents and kids alike! Ordering through livingloudly, is not just buying another tee. It is entering a new world of fun stories and sustainability wrapped in the softest fabric! 
What we love: Everything from their concept of sending a story with the t-shirt to being able to plant their packaging and see it grow. They are all about giving back memories through teachable moments.
Who is behind the brand:  Shannon, mom of a 6yo little boy. She is always taking challenges with an upbeat attitude and is an advocate for family bonding time. Find their story here.

Presenting the Mateo, the racer t-shirt.

Support small business owners and traveling families with any of these gifts:

Cute Hats knitted across the U.S. : You are supporting @behappedesigns
Holiday Album for music lovers: You are supporting @maxinelinehan
Card Games for kids with a travel theme: You are supporting @lailas_luggage
Great shoes to stay warm and comfy: You are supporting @neversaysomeday
Hand Made baskets from Morocco : You are supporting @shop.petit.nomade
Mountain inspired jewelry : You are supporting
Infant and toddler clothing, made from organic materials: You are supporting @shopeveningstar

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