Important things to know about Kids Travel Suitcase or Backpack

Are you looking for a kids’ travel suitcase or backpack? It can be overwhelming to try to find the right one for your child, so let’s break it down. Here’s what you should be on the lookout for when buying a new kids’ travel set.
Father and children packing their kids travel suitcase
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Important things to know about Kids Travel Suitcase or Backpack

Traveling with kids can be quite a challenge on its own. From having to lug around extra luggage to dealing with temper tantrums. But it doesn’t have to be a nightmare. One way to make the journey more enjoyable for everyone is by investing in the right type of kids travel suitcase or and kids travel backpack, so they can carry their own things independently and happily.      

Companies like Backpacks Global, offers a wide range of kid-friendly luggage and backpacks, perfect for both long and short journeys.

Luggage Size Matters

Selecting the perfect size of backpack or suitcase for your kids is one of the most important decisions you can make when investing in gear for your family trip. The size of the bag will determine the amount of luggage your child can bring, and it can also make the difference between an enjoyable and convenient trip and one that is difficult and uncomfortable.


The kids travel backpacks should be large enough to hold all of the essentials. We recommend packing 1 day’s worth of change and items they need for their trip (i.e toys, snacks, electronics), but not too large or cumbersome that it becomes difficult for them to carry.


The size of the kids travel suitcases you select should also be able to meet the required carry-on bag size for most airlines. As the maximum size to fit the bag in the overhead bins can vary by airline, it’s best to check with the airline prior to purchase. Most airlines will allow a carry-on bag that is no more than 22” high, 14” wide, and 9” deep. With some international airlines allowing down to 17” high. 


Paying attention to the size of the bag you select is important, as many airlines will charge extra for oversized bags.

Child enjoying a mountain view after hiking with the best kids travel backpack
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Choose luggage sets for durability, not budget


When it comes to buying gear for your kids travel suitcases, durability should be a top priority. Kids are hard on their possessions, and gear such as backpacks and suitcases can take a lot of wear and tear over time. That’s why it’s important to invest in quality materials and construction when shopping for backpacks and suitcases for your kids.


One of the best ways to ensure that your kids’ gear is built to last is to look for backpacks and suitcases with reinforced corners and zippers. Reinforced corners are important because they provide extra protection from wear and tear. Reinforced zippers are also important because they are much less likely to break than regular zippers.


In addition to reinforced corners and zippers, it’s also important to look for backpacks and suitcases with high-quality materials and construction. Quality materials and construction will ensure that your kids’ gear can withstand the wear and tear that comes with everyday use. Additionally, high-quality materials and construction will ensure that your kids’ gear looks as good as new for years to come.

Added bonus, look for a backpack or suitcase that comes with a warranty. A warranty ensures that if any defects occur, the manufacturer will make repairs or replacements. This will provide peace of mind and ensure that your child is using a backpack or suitcase that is built to last.

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We are all familiar with the dreaded weigh-in at the airport and the potential rearrangement of clothes and toys amongst the different bags, that follow.

When choosing a kids travel suitcase and kids travel backpack, target light travel sets since the empty weight could impact your travel journey in the long run. As a general guideline, it’s generally recommended to choose a suitcase that weighs no more than 10-12 pounds (4.5-5.5 kg) when it is empty.

Letting your kids pull or carry their suitcase or backpack, is a great way to promote independence and teach responsibility.

So how heavy is too heavy? Generally speaking, the total weight of a backpack or suitcase should not exceed 10% of your child’s body weight. For example, if your child weighs 60 pounds, their backpack or suitcase should not weigh more than 6 pounds.

When it comes to suitcases, there’s a bit more flexibility in terms of weight, as they can typically support more weight. Nonetheless, it’s still important to consider the weight, especially if your child will be dragging it around for long periods of time. A good rule of thumb is to look for a suitcase that is no more than 20-25% of your child’s body weight.  Make sure that the total weight is comfortable to handle stairs and overall maneuvers (i.e going in and our of the car, train etc…) when choosing and packing a rolling suitcase.

It’s all about the pockets

Functionality: Consider the features of your kids travel backpacks or kids travel suitcases. Does it have multiple compartments for organization? Does it have a place for a water bottle or snacks? Is it expandable for those times when your child needs a little extra space?

One of the best features of high-quality travel bags or kids travel suitcases is their functionality. Make sure to look for the ability to keep the contents safe and secure. Does it have multiple compartments for organization? Being able to separate items such as clothes, toys, books, and snacks can make packing and unpacking a breeze. 

Look for bags with multiple pockets, secure closures, and waterproof materials. This will help to keep your child’s belongings dry and secure, no matter how hard they play.

Additionally, consider if the bag has zipper pockets on the exterior. Having a few pockets on the outside can provide easy access to items such as water bottles or snacks. 

Another important feature to consider is its expand-ability. Is the bag expandable for those times when your child needs a little extra space? This can be beneficial on long trips where your child may require a few extra items. Being able to expand the bag can also help with packing multiple items in the bag without having to stuff everything in. 

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Comfort is essential

The last thing you want when traveling with kids is to worry about your child’s comfort as you are pulling luggage across the airport.

A kids travel backpack or kids travel suitcase that’s uncomfortable to use can lead to pain and even long-term physical damage. To ensure your child’s safety, comfort and convenience, here are a few features to look out for.

First, pay attention to the shoulder straps. Padded straps can be a lifesaver for your child’s shoulders and back. Look for straps that are wide enough for comfort, and make sure they are adjustable to fit different body sizes. The same goes for backpacks; look for a padded back panel to provide extra cushioning and support.

Second, look for smooth-rolling wheels on a kids travel suitcase. A bag that’s too heavy to carry can be difficult to pull. With smooth-rolling wheels, your child will be able to pull the suitcase with ease. Not only that, but it will also reduce the amount of strain on their back, neck, and shoulders.

Finally, look for additional features that can make carrying a bag easier such as a chest strap, waist belt, or telescoping handle. These features will help distribute the weight of the bag across your child’s body, making it more comfortable to carry.

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Make it a fun and stylish travel set

Finally, consider your child’s personal style. There are many fun and colorful options available, so you can choose a backpack or suitcase that your child will love and be proud to carry.

First, think about what your child’s favorite colors are and what kind of patterns or designs they’re into. If your child likes vibrant colors, then you can look for a backpack or suitcase with a bright and cheerful design. 

Older kids might prefer something more mature and stylish. Look for backpacks and suitcases with special features like a laptop sleeve, pockets for organizing items, and a padded back panel for comfort. You can also go for something more classic and timeless like a leather backpack or suitcase. 

To find the latest trend, we recommend taking a look at TikTok and Instagram with major influencers showing the latest style, chances are your child will be in the know.

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