The Difference Between Travel and Vacation

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Laura and her family traveling in their home state of Florida

There is often a misconception that full-time traveling and vacation are the same thing. 
But Laura, a world traveler and mom of 3 is going over the main differences and pitfalls you should know about when thinking about traveling full-time. 

She and her family have traveled for many years, so much so that their kiddos were all born in different countries. In 2020, they started a full-time world tour trip that brought them first to New Zealand, Australia, and then Europe. This is why she was the perfect person to talk about the challenges of traveling full-time.

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1. Expectations

“Vacation Expectations: we are in to resource ourselves and rest. Most of our vacations are planned (or at least heavily researched) and we fully expect to have a pleasant and easy time.”
When traveling full-time, these expectations need to be adjusted! Laura explains, that while preparing for her trip with her family, it took over 6 months of research and of course many more months of building their expectations of what the trip would be like. But, she reminds us that she is also keeping things level-headed and preparing herself to hit some “low points” during the trip…

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