How Did This App Get Started?

“It all started when we rented out our house, packed all of our belongings into a storage unit, and traveled full-time for months in an RV all over Europe with our 3-year-old son… Sound crazy? You bet!

Our trip was about bonding, working, and seeing new places. However, after a week into it, we realized that organizing each day with our son Luc proved to be challenging. Finding playgrounds in foreign countries is not easy (sometimes they are not even on Google Maps) and everything, including our much needed date night, became difficult and stressful to set up.

GOWhee was born out of a need that we faced personally, but we also realized that this need was common to the majority of parents traveling or relocating somewhere new…”

Development Team

"We are not just building an app... We are creating a tool that will allow ALL families around the world to experience a safe and comfortable travel journey...And that's something I am proud to build!"

Maud Maciak

Travel Ambassadors

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