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I am out of the cookie cutter touristic stuff, spend less money and help local businesses all at once!

Since I travel with kids I felt like I had to choose between staying at those expensive all inclusive resorts or being relaxed, but not anymore!

I used to love traveling differently, discovering the locals’ favorite spots, staying at cute bed and breakfast and eating at cool restaurants

But with the kids, finding those local gems became overwhelming… It is soooo much easier to book an all inclusive. Yes, BUT

They are KILLING local communities and small businesses.

You pay extra for their big marketing budget

It’s not a real immersion of the local culture.

Now, with these 5 steps, I am out of the cookie cutter, touristic stuff, I spend less money and help local businesses all at once!

1.I just downloaded the Gowhee App

2.I Started my free trial

3.I filter the world map for accomodations, restaurants or even culture places.

4.I check that they have what I need, like kitchen onsite, a kids menu, and changing table in the bathroom…

5.In a few tap, I find local recommendations, small businesses, family run spots and can plan my trip feeling great about where my tourism dollars go.

Let me ask you these very important questions:

Do you love to find out where the local parents go with their kids?

What about your next trip, Do you want to make a positive impact with your tourism dollars?

And do you like to know the best tips to truly experience a new place, all from parents that have been there, done that?

Thats’ what the Gowhee App gave me, for only $0.8 / day.

Latest family experience run by small and local businesses around the world in the Gowhee App

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