Kid-Friendly Virtual Travel To India

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Kid-Friendly Virtual Travel - Homeschool, worldschool activities to learn about india. #homescool #worldschool #kidfriendly #virtualtravel #india #tajMahal #kidsactivities

During this COVID-19 pandemic, many of us traveling families are social distancing and staying home with the kiddos. “Check on your traveling friends!” is going around, and the FOMO we are all feeling is often about more than just traveling. It’s about missed opportunities to help our kids discover the world.
So, we’ve created a little kid-friendly virtual travel series with a bit of a Worldschool vibe in mind! Discover the world from your living room and learn about different cultures to get inspired for when things get back to normal! Stay in touch to receive the next country highlight (link below). 

What's in the India Virtual Worldschool pack?

This material engages kids by offering two types of homeschooling content for ages 3+ and 6+. It covers fundamentals like writing, reading, math and logic, while also focusing on India’s culture, landmarks and country’s facts. Along with activities, we’ve collected amazing resources like interactive virtual visiting sites (Our son really enjoyed playing around while visiting all the landmarks). link here

Spotlight on India's Culture with Kid-friendly crafts and stories.

Kid-Friendly travel means that we discover India through its main celebrations, hands-on crafts and story time videos. We share some educational online games that will be fun for younger and older kids. We found this wonderful source of kid-friendly videos to teach kids about India’s celebrations and history from Culture Grove Kids.

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Learn about India through food and a kid-friendly recipe

 We created an illustrated kid-friendly recipe to introduce the kids to a little taste of India and promote their independence in the kitchen. We chose to make a Mango Lassi for a quick and super healthy snack recipe.
“My 4-year-old was able to follow ALL of the recipe on his own, including picking out the ingredients, thanks to the illustrations.” – Maud (gowheeapp CEO)

Quiz about what they learned

We learned a little each day with this fun pack, and on Day 5 we did our little quiz! For the smaller children, make sure to repeat each night the new information you have learned during the day, to give them a chance to retain the information… This kid-friendly quiz at the end of the week was a lot of fun! 

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