10 Tips to Celebrate Earth Day with Kids!

Written by @lewisfamcoast2coast

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Our kids don’t need to be told that planet Earth is pretty amazing. They are constantly exploring, discovering, and playing in the world around them. But you can never start too young to teach and encourage them to take care of the earth. By marking Earth Day with them, we can teach our children to be good stewards through learning and fun and they will grow up with a deeper appreciation for nature and the world around them. The festivities don’t have to be elaborate and you may even already be taking part through the activities you and your family enjoy. Here are some ideas for how you can celebrate Earth Day with your kids!

#1 Get Out into Nature!

Go for a hike or nature walk. Find a nearby trail and get outdoors! Try apps like GowheeApp and others to find local trails in your area. To make the experience a little sweeter we recommend to use tools like Inaturalist.org to learn about the flora and fauna with your kids.

Jocelyn @lewisfamcoast2coast's son during their nature walk

#2 Plant flowers, vegetables or trees ... starting right near you!

Create beauty and fresh air at the same time! Gardens come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and containers. Start small with a planter pot, then move up to a raised bed garden or a garden plot. If you have no outdoor space Mini terrarium are a great ways to accommodate small spaces and create some beautiful touches of green around the house.

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#3 Pick up Trash and/or Organize a Park or Beach Cleanup

Make it a habit to pick up trash you see while walking or playing at the park. If you want to make it a collective effort, ask your friends and neighbors to join you or search for a collective beach or park clean up event near you.

#4 Visit a Working Farm

Find a great farm experience near you approved by other parents on the Gowheeapp and learn more about where different foods come from, meet the farm animals, and ask the farmers about their workday.

@lewisfamcoast2coast 's family visit to a working farm

#5 Watch a Nature Documentary or read about the environement.

You can find hundreds of nature documentaries through Disney+, Netflix, National Geographic or YouTube and many books like this cute one about waste and recycling.

Make it an adventure and visit your local library and check out books about planet Earth, like geology, geography, the atmosphere, weather, oceans, plants, animals, etc

#6 Go on a Nature Scavenger Hunt

Find a kid-friendly park near you with the GowheeApp or take a walk around the neighborhood. Make a list or download and print a prepared scavenger hunt (thank you, Pinterest! – pin this post -). Have the kids look for bugs, specific flowers or trees, rocks, birds, etc.

#7 Build a Bird Feeder or Birdhouse

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Keep it simple by using an old milk carton or cereal box (you can talk about recycling, too)! You can also find kits online on Amazon or Etsy or in stores like Home Depot, Target, or Hobby Lobby.

#8 Create an At-Home Recycling Center

It is well known, children learn best through play. Let the kids decorate bins for garbage and recycling that can be used in the house before taking materials out to the dumpster. Make it easy to identify what is recycled and what is trash. 

#9 Make a Craft Using Natural Materials

Use leaves, pine cones, grass, twigs, or dead flowers to create a beautiful work of art. You can even pick up a bunch of rocks and let the kids paint them with non toxic paint!

@lewisfamcoast2coast art project

#10 Collect Rainwater

Attach a barrel at the bottom of your gutters (you can even let the kids decorate it!) to catch rainwater for you to use to water your outdoor plants and grass.


Tell us below… How Are You Celebrating Earth Day?

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Mom of 2, full-time traveler and influencer. She is an active Gowhee travel ambassador and her happy place is South Carolina.

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