12 Days Of Lara

Charity Campaign Helping @lara.by.lara

Written by The Gowhee Team

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“When we heard that one of our community members, Lara, was going through a hardship… We had to jump in and try to help!” – Maud Maciak CEO
Lara, family blogger from Belgium, loves to share joy and beautiful moments through her platform @lara.by.lara. During her last pregnancy, the 34 year old mom of 2 was diagnosed with cancer. Her family had their lives turned upside down, and they need our help.

Lara, Steffen, and their 2 daughters, Phillipa and Romee, live in Belgium. She is now pregnant with their little boy and is looking forward to meeting him. When Lara’s situation became aggravated, Steffen quit his job to take care of her and the girls. 
She has been sharing her travels for a few years on her blog and Instagram, but also advocates for causes that she feels passionate about like ALS, which began through her mom’s journey. 

Lara’s blog is a reflection of who she is: full of real stories, motherhood and pregnancy in the raw, and inspiration to make parenting a little brighter. Through her last pregnancy journey, she keeps sharing it all, as to give a voice to all other women going through the same hardship in life. 

Lara, Steffen, Phillipa and their youngest Romee

A pregnancy, a cancer, a battle...

Lara is currently pregnant with her third child. What should have been a sugary-sweet announcement got a deep bitter edge in reality. 

“October 9, 2020, a day that will always be black for us. Jet black. Forever the day that Steffen and I hear that I cannot be cured anymore. The worst verdict. The verdict we didn’t expect at all.” – Lara

Lara has cervical cancer … The treatments she’s undergoing are not working. The fight turns out to be unfair. And so followed the heartbreaking, unspeakable verdict: she will not see her three children grow up.

Lara, meanwhile, continues to receive treatments with an eye on time. Her boyfriend, Steffen, is not currently working outside the home so that he can run the family and take care of Lara and the children. Unfortunately, payments and hospital costs just continue to grow. Hence this action to make their lives more bearable. It would certainly be one less worry for Lara.

Lara and her bump on November 2020

We wish we could do more! But what we can do is help Lara and her family to worry less about the logistics so they can focus on themselves. 
In moments like this, the last thing you want to worry about is how the bills will get paid!

So until December 24th, Gowhee is GIVING 30% of ALL Yearly Subscriptions to Lara’s fund. 
Download the app here and select YEARLY membership when you start your trial.

“When we founded the Gowhee App, we had ONE mission in mind! That mission is to help, the best we can, families in our community. Her family needs our help” – The Gowhee Team

$16 Collected For Lara


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