Budget-Friendly Activities for Families

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Krishna's daughter at a pumpkin farm

Krishna is a mom of 2 kids, full-time resident of Boston and an experienced traveler. She loves to share all of her favorite ideas to keep the kids busy whether on the road or at home. She has a realistic outlook on parenting and we love to see all of her hacks on how she manages a full-time job, travel and kids in tow.

Since New England is THE place to be when it comes to the Fall season, Krishna is sharing with us her favorite things to do with the kids, using budget-friendly ideas from her surroundings. 

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1. Paint Pumpkins

“Decorating pumpkins is a great activity for everyone, including kids of all ages.  Our toddler loves it just as much as our preschooler.  Not just the big pumpkins that are carved in time for Halloween in your neighborhood, but the small ones that you can find almost anywhere…” Krishna, explains that you can actually purchase the artificial kind to be able to reuse them each year and keep the fun longer. She and her kids used washable markers and other craft material to give the kids full control over this fun activity…

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Find Krishna and her family:

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